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Judd Simon
 Marketing & Operations

Passion for E-Commerce Marketing & Operations

I have always had a passion for digital strategy & e-commerce, leading me to start my own e-commerce company in 2020. I have spent the past 10 years of my professional career in an operation or marketing capacity, working in a wide variety of industries focused on business growth. I have been able to take what I have learned and apply it to the digital world; I understand what businesses need to do and where they need to place themselves if they want to have successful growth.

I am ready for that next stage of my career, with my eyes set on working directly for a successful business that has exciting growth potential. That company is Common Thread Collective. I love what the company is about, their most recent growth and what their potential is for 2022. I want to be apart of that success and hopefully this website gives a little insight into my background and why I would be a great fit.


June 2020 - Present

Director of Marketing & Land Development - Forbes Capretto

  • Consistently set standards by conducting thorough market research to define market segments, identifying over 800 potential buyers’ needs and desires across 2020.
  • Diligently monitored industry ecommerce, digital trends, and competitors’ activities in current markets to forecast and apply to future markets, increasing process efficiency.
  • Leveraged deep expertise in marketing tactics to work with sales and marketing teams to develop successful strategies and campaigns throughout tenure, retaining established clients and attracting 86 customers in 2020.
  • Chiefly managed marketing budget and underwrote and analyzed financial aspects of each development opportunity. Concurrently analyzed sales numbers in comparison to marketing budget, locating profit margins and most effective campaigns, generating $45 million in revenue in 2020.
  • Took initiative to develop and supervise advertising and public relations programs, establishing a positive and professional brand and increasing consumer interest in homes.
  • Collaborated closely with sales department to develop pricing strategies, maximizing budget expenditure and increasing market share whilst continuing to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Entrusted to select marketing vendors and media outlets for campaigns, reviewing all marketing for accuracy and appeal, profitably negotiating 3 advertising contracts during 2021.

January 2020 - Present

Co-Founder - Aced Golf

  • Envisaged golf ecommerce startup and acted upon vision to create physical product complete with website, online store, and store fronts, resulting in over 100 customers within 1 month of operations.
  • Acted as visionary for company, managing testing and development of 16 products and conducting marketing via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Wholly conducted business operations including production, distribution, and product design, generating $10,000 in revenue in Month 1.

February 2017 - June 2020

Regional Operations Manager - Raymour & Flanigan

  • Oversaw regional operations at 11 separate locations, managing inventory & logistics to accumulate $75M+ in revenue in 2019. 
  • Managed, coached and motivated 50+ staff members including hiring and training, increasing process efficiency by roughly 15% throughout tenure.
  • Proactively evaluated business procedure efficiency according to organizational objectives and applied improvements based on needs, expediting operations significantly from 2017.
  • Reengineered inventory process and operations procedures, resulting in two perfect inventories within six months in 2017 and followed with 4 more perfect inventories in 2018 & 2019.


June 2016 - February 2017

Director of Marketing & Operations - Harvest Hill Golf Club

  • Developed digital marketing and business strategies to foster these relationships and encourage new visitors to the course, assisting in increasing Club membership by 35% during tenure. 
  • Identified a need for further marketing and customer service improvements to increase patron engagement whilst on the premises. Drew from history and skill within the marketing arena to subsequently contribute to a 25% increase in revenue in 2016.
  • Foresaw potential to further expand on new patronage by implementing loyalty program within first 2 months of employment. Trained, supervised and managed 50+ employees in delivering exceptional customer service, leading to a significant increase of customers registering for the loyalty program in 2016. 

June 2013 - June 2016

Operations & Marketing Manager - Sky Zone Franchise Group

  • Managed and developed marketing and social media presence for 7 separate locations while driving multiple new programs, retaining existing customers and assisting in an increase in new customers.
  • Built and established marketing and social media for the company as a whole, including the website and promotional materials. Similarly, created advertising for fundraisers, large group events, and community relations, creating strong ties and increasing community engagement throughout tenure.
  • Demonstrated multi-tasking skillset by training and coaching 100+ staff members in addition to overseeing daily operations including payroll, loss prevention, budgeting, and risk management, contributing to enterprise becoming a Top 10 Park of 100+ in Revenue Per Capacity in FY 2015. 

January 2014 - September 2014

Digital Media & Marketing Specialist - SUNY Cortland

  • Drew from extensive training and knowledge to redesign school website, retrieving analytic data to assist in the positioning of school’s marketing focus, reaching over 1,000 prospective students in 2014.
  • Created in depth spreadsheets to collect data for website development, aiding in marketing focus and ensuring the continued striving toward university expansion and overall goals.
  • Completed 2 media and marketing campaigns for NFL’s New York Jets training camp, tracking fan attendance and economic data, forging long-term business relationships throughout all interactions.
  • Developed strategies using digital marketing tactics to reach hundreds of perspective and current students weekly, significantly contributing to enterprise efficiency from 2014. 

September 2012 - May 2014

Marketing Specialist - Cortland Downtown Partnership

  • Primarily responsible for designing, creating, and delivering 15 marketing programs, supporting the growth and expansion of nine local area businesses throughout employment span.
  • Leveraged background-specific skills in content development, advertising, and events planning to assist in multiple outbound and inbound marketing activities, assisting in increasing revenue for business partners. 


2013 - 2014

State University at Cortland | Masters Degree, M.S. | Sport Management

2008 - 2013

State University at Cortland | Bachelors Degree, B.S. | Economics

Why Common Thread Collective?

I look at CTC as the leading partner for e-commerce growth and digital strategies, hands down. What I love about the business model is their success rides on the success of their clients. Their formula is accurate and correct: (V x CR x LTV) - VC = $. As a data guy, the only true way to grow a business, in my opinion, is taking that data and making calculated decisions on next steps in terms of growth. CTC has mastered this, and that's why I look at them as a company of the future and one I would love to be apart of.

Why make this site? On the careers page, CTC asks you submit a cover letter along with your Resume outlining why you are interested in working for the company. I like to do things a little bit different, and a little bit more over the top. CTC - this is my "cover letter" outlining my desire to join the team and look forward to what we can accomplish in 2022!

Contact Me!

Phone: 315-527-6482

E-mail: jsimonsyr@gmail.com

Location: Buffalo, NY

Judd Simon

Marketing & Operations Leader

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